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What Are Mid Rise Jeans?

Mid-rise jeans usually measure between 9 and 11 inches high. As it is one of the most popular styles of waist for jeans, this style is also called a regular rise or a normal rise. This style should fit more or less at your real waistline and should clearly define that point. A mid-rise waist can also be thought of as resting at or just below your navel, if that helps you visualize it better. Khakis and slacks usually only come in mid-rise cuts. Many pants today adhere to the at-the-waist style, which varies a little from brand to brand. Jeans are an exception to this rule! Besides mid-rise jeans, big-name brands like Levis and Lee offer a variety of other popular styles.

What Are Low-Rise Jeans?

low rise jeans

Jeans with a low rise rise about 7 to 8 inches and have a waistband that extends far below your waist or just above your hip bones. As bell-bottom jeans became popular in the late 1960s and early 1970s, this style became popular. You can choose low-rise jeans among many popular brands today.

Levis, for example, may use slightly different terminology. Levis, for example, offers several low-rise styles called "modern rises."

Only low-rise jeans should have a waistband that does not rest near your actual waist. When you try these jeans on with short legs, you may find that the waistband is closer to your waist. It is best not to buy these jeans since the cut will look awkward, as they are designed to rest near your hips.

What Are High-Rise Jeans?

high rise jeans

Denim high-rises measure 10 inches or more, though they usually fall between 11 and 12 inches. It can vary quite a bit, especially with the current trend of women's high-waisted button jeans! In terms of how many inches a high rise will measure exactly, the measurement varies so much from brand to brand.

Women's jeans have high-rise waistlines as a stylish trend. These pants and jeans can also be found in big and tall men's sizes. Both men and women can also find high-rise jeans from popular brands like Levis.

Even though the exact measurement of high-rise jeans can vary, you can always expect this style to have a waistband that reaches above your navel. One of the best things about this kind of jeans is that they extend past your waist, drawing attention away from any less-than-flat areas on your stomach.

How To Measure the Rise on Jeans and Pants

 Measure the distance from the edge of the front waistband just above the button to the center of the crotch with a measuring tape. In addition to the measurements listed in the product description, some manufacturers will also list this measurement on the label of jeans.

Pants for both men and women usually have a rise of between 7 and 12 inches.

But what does that measurement actually mean? If you find a pair of jeans with a 10" rise, is it a low-rise or mid-rise pair of jeans? The next time you go shopping, knowing the three most common types of rise measurements on jeans will help you find the style you like best.

Low Rise

Jeans with a low or modern rise usually measure between 7 and 8 inches. As a result of the low cut, the top of the waistband will rest near the top of your hip bones in most cases.

You may see a 7-inch rise differently based on your body type. Low waistbands might make you look taller and slimmer if you have a short torso. Although the measurement will rest at your natural waist if you have short legs, it may not appear flattering if you have short legs.

Mid Rise

In general, mid-rise jeans measure 8 to 10 inches. A waist of this type will rest around your navel on the average person.

Most people with average or stocky bodies look good in mid-rise jeans. However, this "regular" style is not always so exciting.

High Rise

What is the circumference of a high-rise jeans waist? Men's and women's high-rise jeans often have extremely varied measurements. There is one thing you can count on: high-rise jeans have at least a 10" rise, and sometimes even a 12".

These jeans will often have a waistband that extends above your navel, and the waist itself will curve inward. It creates a fitted shape that is perfect for people with curvier bodies!

Why Do High-Rise Jeans Make Me Look Fat?

When worn by someone with a rounder body shape, high-waisted jeans look great. However, if the jeans are too tight, there may be spillover at the top of the waistband.

During these circumstances, you probably won't look your best. You can avoid this by choosing high-waisted pants that can be buttoned while still allowing you to slide two fingers inside the waistline of the jeans.


Alternatively, you can pull your shirt out a bit in a puffier style to disguise the shape of your body above the waistband of the jeans when you tuck it in. If you're a woman, you can pair high-waisted jeans with high heels to elongate your legs even more and distract attention away from your midsection.


Denim rise refers to the distance between the middle of the crotch and the top of the waistband. Generally, this measurement falls between 7 inches and 12 inches. There are three different kinds of rise in jeans at Classy Fashion Fluence: low, mid, and high.