How to wear Banarasi Saree

How to wear Banarasi Saree

The Banarasi sari, on the other hand, may be worn at any time and place without causing discomfort because it is so lightweight. You just need to be careful when selecting appropriate banarasi for your event, as

Ethnic clothing never goes out of style, and when you want a sophisticated stylish appearance, Silk Kothi'shandloom banarasi silk is sure to please. Sarees are made to be worn in all seasons and circumstances, ranging from scorching heat of summer to the frigid cold of winter.

Banarasi sarees, renowned for their gold and silver zari or brocade, are very popular in India, and the allure has even spread to women who live abroad. Banarasi silk sarees are magical, and you'll find one in every woman's wardrobe. The finest aspect of banarasi sarees is that they are always in vogue, and they are like heirloom pieces that are handed down from one generation to the next. Wearing a handloom banarasi with grace will make you the show-stopper at your gathering.

With the advent of time, the draping style has evolved significantly. There is even a debate about which side to choose, much like there are two sides to every coin. Some people like the vintage rajasthani style of draping, while others want to try their hand at banarasi.

Which Banarasi Sarees to buy for different occasions?

  • If you're buying a Banarasi sari to wear at weddings or other events, such as engagement parties, choose a Handloom Katan Silk Banarasi Saree. Your adumbration will have a beautiful rich-royal appearance after you apply it.
  • If you're buying Banarasi sarees for a summer wedding, seek for something lighter and more refreshing, such as Handloom Organza Banarasi sarees.
  • Opt for broad border Banarasi sarees, geometric patterns, or textured sarees like Raw, Tussar, Cotton, Linen if you want a more modern style. They will provide you with a modish appearance.

How to select the best Banarasi saree for different body types?

Sarees are an ethnic dress that exude a woman's natural beauty. This traditional love has long been the focus of men's attention in the Indian fashion industry. It is a versatile drape that may be worn by anyone. However, before making your selection, think about why you want to buy one. Choose a light banarasi if you must attend a typical family gathering, but choose a heavy banarasi if you're attending a large event like a wedding. Furthermore, a well-draped banarasi sari has a powerful impression on anybody who sees the look. So, you may utilize any banarasi, but the true magic is brought about by the appropriate draping technique.

How to Wear Banarasi Saree in Different Style?

Banarasi sarees are a stylish and elegant women's garment, so keep in mind that the beauty of your banarasi is preserved on drape. You may wear a Banarasi sari in any manner according to your age, body type, and weight. Many different styles have been discussed, including the pleated drape, informal or floaty drapes, gujarati style, dhoti drapes, belted style (very popular nowadays), lehenga dress, skirt drapes, bengali style, front pallu drapes, cape it away draped gowns and more. Choose the style that best complements your body type while still looking elegant.

How to Reuse Old Banarasi Saree?

  • You may give your old banarasi a fresh new look.
  • You may turn an old banarasi into a lehenga choli, banarasi kurta, dupatta, or other garments.
  • Wear a beautiful top with your old Banarasi saree made out of dhoti pants.
  • You may also create home décor items such as curtains, cushions, wall paneling, table runners, and so on out of old Banarasi saris.

8 Trendy Tips to Wear Banarasi Saree

Try these innovative methods to wear a Banarasi saree in a more current style and become a trend-setter.

  1. Match your banarasi with a contrasting blouse.
  2. A scarf or dupatta around the neck can complement your normal draping style.
  3. Don't over-accessorize when wearing a big banarasi silk saree. Instead, match your silk gown with some light, current jewelry.
  4. Choose from a variety of styles, including boat neck, full sleeves, holter neck blouse, crop top, big elbow sleeve and more.
  5. Choose a heel height that is comfortable and appealing. A trench coat will bring your style to the next level.
  6. You may even flaunt your appearance with a double pallu.
  7. If you're tired of wearing your Banarasi as a saree, you may change it into anything fashionable, such as a traditional gown, long skirt, long coat, coat, palazzo pants, lehenga-choli, designer blouse, corset, scarf.