measure kurti size

How to measure kurti size

There are a lot of benefits to online shopping. You won't have to worry about being exposed to the sun or rain. There are no heavy traffic delays to endure. In addition, the sheer number of alternatives may put the most famous shopping mall to shame. However, there is one thing which I used to struggle with.

Before shopping, measure yourself

Take a measurement tape and measure your bust, hips, and waist. Make sure the tape is level at all times. Do this in front of a full-length mirror for the greatest results.

It's not unusual for a measurement tape to acquire wrinkles with time. Avoid these tapes since you'll get the wrong sizes.

Always wear an underwired, non-padded bra when measuring your bust size. A simple bust measurement is enough if you're purchasing a top or kurti. When it comes to purchasing a bra, you'll need to complete a few more stages.

Determine your under bust and over bust (the most projecting section of your breasts). Do this methodically - you may be astonished to learn that as much as 85% of Indian women wear the incorrect bra size.

If your breasts are of slightly varying sizes (which is not uncommon), take the larger one's measurements. After measuring your bust, you'll be able to determine your cup size. Some women's breasts become puffy during their menstrual cycle. If this is the case for you, keep track of them when they've recovered to normal size.

Always place the tape above your belly button but beneath the rib cage when measuring your waist. Measure your hips at their widest point. At this time, keep a distance of 6 inches between your feet.

Make sure to measure from the point at which you normally tie your salwar for any type of lowers, whether they're salwars or palazzos.

Always check the Size Chart

Despite the fact that you may have decided that, say, "M" is your size after doing all of the measurements. But Look at the size chart for the brand you're buying. It usually is. Sizes can vary from brand to brand. A specific hip size, which falls under Brand X's 'M' measurement, may be smaller than Brand Y's 'S' measurement.

Do read the reviews and comments for that specific garment

Scroll all the way down to see whether any previous purchasers have left reviews or comments. On large shopping sites like Amazon or Flipkart, you may frequently find hundreds of reviews. You can also limit comments/customer reviews and answers to just the ones that pertain to size.

Check the Product Description

Look up the product description of whatever clothing you're buying. Look for things like fabric in the description.After a wash, some materials shrank while others stretched. Others became looser. If you don't know the fabric's features, do a web search. You'll come across a slew of helpful information. Fabric fibers which are less elastic shrink, while those that are more elastic expand. There's no sense in taking the perfect size if it shrinks in your washing machine!

Check Product Pictures taken from Different Angles

There's a reason why big businesses have multiple images of the same garment. You'll be able to notice an issue by viewing the item from various angles because you'll know your own body best.

Check the Exchange Policy

You may receive a garment that does not fit you properly despite taking all precautions. What now? Because most online retailers give customers the option to exchange or return their items, you don't have to be concerned.

However, you must verify that the website or app you are buying from includes it. It's possible that certain goods aren't covered. Always double check to ensure nothing has been missed.

Create a List of Brands that Fit You Well

Ask anyone you know if they have better fit from certain brands. They will almost certainly tell you that certain brand's apparel fits them better. The names of the companies will vary from person to person. Because of this, it's important to consider not just the bust, hips, and waist when purchasing clothing. Every body has its own quirks.

You may discover that you're a better fit for certain brands than others. Make a notes of the names of these companies and assemble a list of them. When you shop online, look for these companies first.

If there is a minor problem with the fitting, take the help of your neighbourhood tailor

It's also common for one article of clothing to fit you beautifully everywhere else, with the exception of one area. A tiny alteration by your tailor might fix this.